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Nai'a (Naia) White Gold Pendant Hawaiian

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Nai'a (Naia) White Gold Pendant Hawaiian

Nai'a (Naia) White Gold Pendant Hawaiian

Item #: 6IAT4225661-KM
Stock: 999-in stock

Nai'a Hawaiian Jewelry features a powerful hand engraving. Hawaiian jewelry started as a heritage of family jewelry and as a gift with love. Now it has been loved all over the world. The theme of the jewelry is the great nature, God, and tradition. The Hawaiian jewelry has a lot of designs and patterns that based on those themes. Nai'a Hawaiian Jewelry is designed and engraved by Mr. Takehiro Yamano in Japan.

Whale tail. It is believed that good luck will come when you see the whale tail jumping and coming back to the ocean.

[Metal] K14 WG
[Length by Width] 18.8 mm by 20.1 mm
[Product weight] Approximately 2.5 g

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